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The e-portfolio implementation toolkit

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lcome to the e-portfolio implementation toolkit 

This toolkit is designed to support those involved in the implementation of e-portfolios in higher (HE) and further education (FE) and work-based learning: practitioners planning to use e-portfolios in curriculum design and middle and senior managers addressing strategy and policy issues and challenges relating to the introduction of technologies for learning.  It provides an implementation model and guidance. This short video screencast introduces the toolkit and this video is of the Maharauk2014 conference key note which also introduces the resource and the evaluation study at the University of Nottingham.


UPDATE December 2013: The implementation model was applied to e-portfolio developments at the University of Nottingham 2012-13 and a case study has been added that can be accessed from the side bar or directly from here  Case Study - The University of Nottingham .


Embedding e-portfolio use on a large scale is still relatively new. As a result, the design and content of this toolkit have drawn on the experiences of its case study contributors: 12 UK, 4 Australian and 3 New Zealand partner institutions together with one professional organisation, whose names and contacts are given in the list of ePI study participants.


The toolkit is the output from a JISC-funded e-portfolio implementation study which ran from 2010–2011 and was led by Gordon Joyes at the University of NottinghamThe final report contains selected information and links to the toolkit.  The study aimed to:  

  • Identify salient messages from examples of large-scale e-portfolio implementations to help inform future practice and strategy
  • Articulate models of implementation
  • Support a range of users in identifying and addressing issues relevant to their context


How to use the toolkit

 The toolkit is structured around the following sections. The content can be read in sequence or for reference, and the sections and pages can be accessed by using the sidebar.




Case studies

Additional resources

Each section can be explored independently but:

  • If you wish to develop an understanding of implementation then it is advised that you read the background followed by the guidance sections - use the sidebar to access theseThe background section seeks to clarify some of the confusions that surround e-portfolios that can impede the implementation process. It covers issues to do with defining e-portfolios, their purposes and how e-portfolio and VLE implementation differ. The guidance section covers in detail the underlying issues and unique properties portfolios bring to education where an implementation model that supports strategic decision-making is provided and links are made to case studies to exemplify issues.


  • If you wish to explore examples of use of e-portfolios or read about or view particular case studies of implementation practice then explore the case studies section. This can be:  
    • Read or viewed as individual case studies
    • Searched using the tags within the case studies themselves, including technology , drivers, subject area, purpose of use, course level etc. or by browsing all the tags
    • Via the purpose of use , eg student volunteering, employability, in the exemplars taster page


The additional resources offer links to background reading, including the e-Portfolio Implementation Study website and key JISC e-portfolio information plus resources from a series of JISC workshops on e-portfolio practice and other dissemination activities.


Five video case studies Effective Practice with e-Portfolios: Stories of e-portfolio implementation are also included in the case study section. These capture the journeys undertaken by individual institutions towards wide-scale e-portfolio implementation and are supported by more detailed accounts from the filmed interviews. Transcripts of the videos are available for users of screen readers.


Each page can be downloaded in Adobe® pdf format. 


To reference any of the pages within the toolkit use JISC (2012) The e-portfolio implementation toolkit: (Include here the page you are referencing and its URL )


Creative Commons Licence This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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