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An overview of use - VET

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Table 1: Exemplars of e-portfolio use 


Select the links to the exemplars in the table

Intra course - localised use

Inter/whole course –> cross dept/ school/faculty use

Cross institution


Adoption for one unit within a qualification VET Exemplar  - YNH Services

Whole course use

VET Exemplar - TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute 


Continuing professional development of indigenous assistant teachers - certificate and diploma courses 
VET Exemplar - Northern Territory Department of Education and Training in collaboration with Charles Darwin University


Regional E-portfolio Service

VET Exemplar- eWorks Training Virtual Campus E-portfolio Service


Institution-wide support for e-portfolio use - VET Exemplar  - Tasmanian Polytechnic


VET Exemplar - E-portfolio Implementation Trials



Table 1 provides an overview of implementation and links to examplars of effective e-portfolio use. Efective use was judged using the ePI framework.


Whole course use:

TAFE NSW – Western Institute have been taking a holistic approach to learning and assessment across hairdressing qualifications, who are attracted to the visual nature of the e-portfolio environment (eg using digital images and video). Their centralised Teaching and Learning Unit provide the learning design and pedagogical support, but rely on external e-portfolio service providers for their e-portfolio system to ensure that learners can have ongoing access to their e-portfolio beyond their training experience. Wider adoption of e-portfolios within this institution will require the Teaching and Learning influencing the pedagogical practice of other teaching areas.


Cross institution use:

 e-Works Training Virtual Campus E-portfolio Service is a ‘regional’ e-portfolio offering its e-portfolio services for free to Victorian public training organisations, and on a fee for service basis to private training organisations from anywhere across Australia. Their support is mainly ‘technical’ in terms of offering the e-portfolio system, with some initial teacher/trainer training and learning design. The individual training organisation using the service would be responsible for the overall adoption of e-portfolios in their organisation, including effecting pedagogical practice. As a non-institution based e-portfolio, the ability to give ongoing access to learners supports a lifelong learning philosophy to the use of e-portfolios.


Tasmanian Polytechnic offer institution-wide support for the use of e-portfolios for a variety of teaching areas, including technical as well as pedagogical support and learning design. This centralised approach is enabling them to influence pedagogical practice to be more learner-centred and holistic. The use of Mahara allows learners to export their e-portfolio after their connection with this institution. A useful guide for implementation at course level developed is available through the exemplar link in the table above or here. http://eresources.tafe.tas.edu.au/epw/introduction/index.html


Continuing Professional Development of indigenous teachers:

The Northern Territory Department of Education and Training in collaboration with Charles Darwin University ePIE project aims to upskill indigenous assistant teaching staff through gaining a formal VET qualification, with the longer term view of supporting this staff’s on-going professional development to meet possible ‘professional standards’. The learning design, technical and pedagogical support has been very carefully orchestrated, however, their ability to impact wider institution/industry adoption.


Transition to and from University:

The E-portfolio Implementation Trials (EIT) aimed to determine the factors and features required to support lifelong learning. These six month long trials had quite clear purposes (eg transitioning to employment or further education and training), however, they had varying degrees of support in terms of technical, pedagogical support. Ownership of the e-portfolio was a key consideration of all trials, however, these trials made little impact on the wider adoption of e-portfolios in their individual institutions.




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