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An overview of use - Massey

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Table 1: Exemplars of e-portfolio use (White= no evidence found, green = developing practice, blue  =  effective practice). 


Select the links to the exemplars in the table 


Intra course  - localised use 

 Inter/ whole course –> cross dept/ school/faculty use 

Cross institution 



Human Biology distance course

Exemplar 1 


Veterinary Science Exemplar 2




Internship in Business course

Exemplar 3
Specialist teaching programme Exemplar 4 



Table 1 provides an overview of implementation and links to exemplars of effective e-portfolio use. Effective use was judged using the ePI framework.


The e-portfolio developments at Massey University took place within the context of an 18 month initiative based in the College of Science from January 2009. Two of the exemplars are from the College of Science which were the focus of the initiative. Colleagues from the Colleges of Management and Education drew from this experience and these exemplars are outlined.




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