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Exemplar of use 4 - Dumfries and Galloway College

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An overview of use


Exemplar  4

Institution: e-Portfolio context:  post ISLE project

Dates of provision: 2009/10

Reason for implementation:

Purpose/s: Employability, Citizenship, Personal Development Planning, Continuing Professsional Development of Staff, Transition to/from the institution. Tutorial recording and feedback.
Learning processes involved:  Information capture, Information retrieval, Planning, Reflection, Feedback.

Practice: Continued embedding into Curriculum. The overview for use remains similar to that of Exemplar for use 3. However, this year a tutorial form and tutorial interview/meeting recording was included. Also, apart from tutorial work on employability, personal development was moved from academic staff to support staff. Issues immediately occurred and after 18 weeks they were passed back to academic control. However, the damage had been done and success was varied.


A review of the year discussion occurred regarding ownership of e-portfolios - 'whose e-portfolio was it?'. Was it a student's or was it the College's? Do students actually want to upload assessment to their e-portfolio? Do students want to record tutorial meetings in their e-portfolio?


Key staff involved: Stephen Baxter (Developer), Duncan Gillespie (Project Lead), Robert Brown (Curricular Lead), various academic tutors and support workers.


DandG Case Study with quotes.doc


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