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Exemplar of use 1 - Newham College

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An overview of use

Exemplar  1

Institution: e-Portfolio context:  

Due to new development of Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford at the Olympic site, the college and John Lewis organised an open day at East Ham campus in order to recruit potential new staff for the catering and hospitality department in their store.


The Supported Independent Study (SIS) worked in collaboration with the catering and hospitality department at the College and their students to produce e-portfolios to showcase to John Lewis on the day. The students created video diaries, videos to introduce themselves, videos and images of them working in the kitchen. Also included were their CVs and a covering letter.


John Lewis were extremely impressed with what the students had created.


Dates of provision: March 2011

Reason for implementation: CV Development

Purpose/s:  Personal Development Planning, Transition to/from the institution, Employability, Lifelong Learning
Learning processes involved:    Information capture, Information retrieval, Planning, Reflection, Feedback, Collaboration, Presentation

Practice:  Developing/fully developed
Key staff involved: Lecturing Staff, Learning Centres Staff - Study Coaches


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