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Exemplar of use 3 - Newham College

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An overview of use


Exemplar of use


All full-time students attend SIS (Supported Independent Learning) and complete a Progression and Employability Skills programme to develop and create an e-portfolio to use for applying for jobs, they produce a separate view for specific jobs they want to apply for and tailor it accordingly to suit the requirements for particular positions they have the skills for.


Many students create views for social networking purposes and to make use of the blog feature in e-portfolios.


Students have set up groups on their e-portfolios to exchange and share information, for example videos about topics they are studying in class, class representatives have sent reminders to colleagues regarding deadlines or other information, a good example of this collaboration can be found in Health and Social Care level 1 group 5, the group has found the tool invaluable in supporting group collaboration and activity.


Dates of provision: 2011

Reason for implementation: CV Building

Purpose/s:  Personal Development Planning, Transition to/from the institution, Employability, Lifelong Learning
Learning processes involved:  Information capture, Information retrieval, Planning, Reflection, Feedback, Collaboration, Presentation

Practice: Developing
Key staff involved: Learning Resource Centres Staff - Study Coaches, e-Learning Advisers



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