Exemplar of use 1 - Southampton Solent University


An overview of use

Exemplar  1

Institution: e-Portfolio context:  Self promotion: Creating an online presence.
Journalism students are required to create a CV page that could be used to promote themselves to employers. Within their pages the students are able to add their coursework, examples of magazine 'spreads', list any work experience, embed media etc.


Dates of provision: Compulsory unit for ALL journalism students in their final year - January to May


Reason for implementation: Improvement on the existing mechanism - students were using Facebook and Myspace or had to try and learn basic DreamWeaver skills in order to pass the unit. Mahara allows students to copy their webpages and use them for different purposes ie for their assessment and for self-promotion.


Purpose/s:  Personal Development Planning, Employability/Graduate attributes, Assessment

Learning processes involved:  Information capture, Information retrieval, Planning, Reflection, Presentation, utilising exisiting Web 2.0 tools


Practice: Fully Developed

Key staff involved: Learning Technologist, Senior Lecturer in Journalism 


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