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This guidance is designed to support senior managers as well as practitioners with the e-portfolio implementation journey. The guidance is presented as three questions that relate to the themes of DRIVERS, TOOLS and IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS that emerged from the case studies.


The quesions are:

  • Why should we use e-portfolios now? (The DRIVERS theme)
  • How do we decide which e-portfolio tool to use? (The TOOLS theme)
  • What does good implementation look like? (The IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS theme) - this contains separate guidance for senior managers and practitioners. 


These can be accessed from the SideBar.


The guidance links to the case studies and also to video narratives that highlight key issues. The video narratives are:


1. Thanet College

2. Dumfries and Galloway College

3. The Univeristy of Wolverhampton

4. The University of Edinburgh

5. Southamton Solent University




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