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exemplar of use 14 - bradford

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An overview of use


Exemplar  14: MSc in Dementia Studies (Evidence Based Care and Practice Modules).


Institution:e-Portfolio context: This example describes two modules on a distance learning MSc in Dementia Studies. These modules on evidence based care and evidence based practice are assessed by e-portfolio. Participants study at a distance and are working or volunteering in a health or social care setting. The e-portfolio replaces a workbook the students could complete in printed or e-versions.


Dates of provision: 2009 to present.


Reason for implementation:The majority of the courses offered by the Division of Dementia Studies have always been distance learning. Historically this has been delivered via printed course handbooks, readers and workbooks with phone and email tutorial support. Over the past few years this provision has been moving online with the support of the virtual learning environment and a move from individual learning to the inclusion of collaborative and peer based learning activities. Most recently this has involved the move of the PDP modules from paper/e-file to online using the e-portfolio. The e-portfolio offers more efficient and effective support for students as tutors can see emerging issues at and earlier stage and it facilitates formative feedback.


Purpose/s: Personal Development Planning, Transition to/from the institution, Work Based Learning, Employability/ Graduate attributes, Assessment, Lifelong Learning.


Learning processes involved:  Information capture, Information retrieval, Planning, Reflection, Feedback, Collaboration, and Presentation.

Practice:fully developed.


Key staff involved: Dr Ruth Bartlett (now at University of Southampton).


Links to example/s   

For further details see http://www.pebblepad.co.uk/bradford/viewasset.aspx?oid=434990&type=formresponse which contains a link to the webfolio template.



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