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Exemplar 2

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An overview of use - College of Science


ePortfolio to showcase accomplishments and support team work. Exemplar 2

Institution: Massey University, College of Science, Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences


e-Portfolio context:

The course on animal behaviour, handling and welfare is part of the first professional phase of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc). The students are new to the programme and, are unlikely to know each other. The use of e-portfolios is seen as a type of learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement while also allowing students to reflect on their own learning. This can lead to more awareness of learning strategies and needs. e-Portfolios can also foster strong connections between students and staff within Massey as well as with other institutions.


A brainstorming session identified a number of areas that students needed support during their BVSc. Programme. This included the need for tools to support team work, support for students to identify areas in the programme where they have pre-existing strengths and those strengths they still need to build on, and building in reflection so that it links to the tangible aspects of the student’s development.


Dates of provision:  2009 to present.


Reason for implementation: support for team working, introduce graduate attributes, develop self confidence and help students recognise their strengths that are directly applicable to the programme.


Purpose/s: Introduction to graduate attributes, Lifelong Learning.


Learning processes involved: Team working, Reflection, Collaboration, Online presentation.


Practice:  fully developed


Key staff involved: Stuart Gordon, John Milne


Overview of e-portfolio use:

Students get an introduction to e-portfolios and then they use them for a team based assignment that builds on student strengths. The introduction outlines the relevance of e-portfolios, shows some examples and provides an overview of how to navigate around the site.


In the assignment students reflect on their strengths and how they overlap with the graduate attributes that they will work towards over the coming years. They develop some e-portfolio Views with material on two graduate attributes with evidence that they already have achieved or are working towards achieving. They are encouraged to present relevant audio and or visual files as evidence.


Within each group the students share their strengths and reflections and develop these into a Group View. The Group Views contains evidence of the current abilities of the students. The Group Views are shared across all groups and with the facilitator for feedback. The students are encouraged to use the communication tools within the e-portfolio to support the development of the group work.


This exercise aims to help students realise their pre-existing strengths and also helps students to become familiar with the e-portfolio. The team approach aims to help students recognise each others’ strengths and attributes. Each group should be able to formulate strategies which incorporate these attributes and help all group members to be aware of the graduate attributes.


This use of e-portfolios is seen as a first step to integrating e-portfolios into the programme. The longer term goal is to allow students to identify how their thinking changes over the 5 year programme, and help tie together different parts of the programme. A key part of becoming a professional is the ability to reflect on practice, identify what they are equipped for and what they need to build on. The e-portfolio will help students get into the habit of reflection which is something they will use throughout their career.


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