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An overview of use - University of Nottingham

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Table 1: Exemplars of e-portfolio use 

Select the links to the exemplars in the table


The nature of e-portfolio use


The exemplars selected represent the planned pilot activities across the three University campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China.


Intra course - localised use

Inter/ whole course –> cross dept/ school/ faculty use

Cross-whole institution use within the curriculum

Extra-curricular use including transitions into and from the institution, WBL and CPD.

Supporting feedback and assessment

English -Contemporary Performance module (exemplar 8)



Supporting feedback and assessment
Education - Centre for English Language Education (exemplar 5)

Medical and Health Sciences
- Portfolio Appraisal Meetings (exemplar 13) 


Pharmacy - Supporting accreditation in UK and Malaysia(exemplar 4)


Supporting assessment and portfolio building

 Graduate Entry Medicine – modernising the portfolio ( exemplar1)  



collaboration/assessment and providing a bridge between modules.

Education- Masters in Learning, Technology and Education (exemplar 12)



Supporting Personal Development Planning/placements

Graduate School -BBSRC  Doctoral Training Centre (exemplar 10)




Community Partnerships - The Advantage Award (exemplar 2)


Work Based Learning 

 English -Supporting placements (exemplar 7)


Biosciences BSc courses and Masters course - Supporting placements (exemplar 3)


Education - Initial Teacher Education (exemplar 6)


Social Work - Supporting placements (exemplar 9)

Staff Professional Development:

ASPIRE – professional development (exemplar 11)






Table 1 provides an overview of implementation within the 13 pilot projects (Includes 2 that were planned during the pilot stage ) and may provide links to exemplars of effective e-portfolio use. Effective use as judged using the ePI framework.


Local use within a course/module:

: Contemporary Performance module. Module assessment  is a reflective portfolio from which students develop a short essay and a have a viva with their tutor on the portfolio.

Whole course use:

Education: Masters in Learning, Technology and Education
: This course is designed for professionals involved with learning technologies. The students need experience of using tools for learning as they critique these on the course and Mahara is one tool they use. It is used to enrich the learning experience through collaboration/sharing and as a means of supporting alternative assessment approaches.

Education: Centre for English Language Education (CELE):  CELE is an international centre based on three campuses (UK, Malaysia and China) that supports post and under-graduate students in preparing for their courses  focussing on academic language and behaviour as well as language learning. Mahara is used to support personal development planning in relation to developing skills and as preparation for an assignment which is a reflection on progress as well as for joint project working.


Education: Initial Teacher Educatio : To (in the first instance) provide a single point of contact for the mentors, co-ordinators and school leaders in our partnership schools, enabling effective distribution of key information and to develop collaborative working between tutors in the School of Education and mentors, coordinators and school leaders in partnership schools (The planning for this occurred during the pilot stage of implementation at the University)


Medical and Health Sciences - Portfolio Appraisal Meetings: Mahara used to support Portfolio Appraisal Meetings, a pastoral element of the course occurring in the first 2.5 years. The student meets their tutor twice a term to present evidence of their progress.  

Graduate School
: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Doctoral Training Programme: Students begin with a laboratory rota spread over their first year during which they collate materials for assessment and choose their research area. They are also expected to maintain a list of the training/CPD they have undertaken. Each student has their own group in Mahara and controls access to their portfolio depending on who needs to supervise their work.


Biosciences - Tutorial Module: Delivered to all first year Biosciences students and aims to enhance professional and academic development of students through work in small tutor groups. Mahara is used to provide a space for tutor groups, a forum for pre-discussion activities and membership of a whole school Mahara group delivering sector-specific career and professional advice. 


Extra-curricular use/ work-based learning/ transition/professional development: 

Community Partnerships: The Nottingham Advantage Award focuses on undergraduate student skills, employability and personal and academic development. Mahara is used to support students reflections on the topics aired.

Biosciences - Masters course: Supporting placements: Mahara is used on a one year Masters course involving mainly international students to support the development of employability skills during the 2 month placement.  BSc course: Mahara is used on a Food Technology degree course to support the development of employability skills during the one year placement.


Pharmacy - Supporting placements (UK and Malaysia): First year Pharmacy undergraduates in The UK and Malaysia use Mahara to record their placement information and to get feedback from their tutors.

English - Supporting placements: Mahara is used to support students in developing and evidencing employability skills during placements.


ASPIRE – professional development: Mahara is used to support an institutional professional development process within the ASPIRE programme.


Social Work - Supporting placements: Mahara used to support a student centred approach to placement learning for the 80 students per year in the 3 year BA, 2 year BA and 2 year MA in Social Work (The planning for this occurred during the pilot stage of implementation at the University)


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