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Exemplar of use 7 - University of Nottingham

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An overview of use


Embedding Employability in English: English Studies, University of Nottingham


e-Portfolio context: This pilot was part of a Higher Education Academy (HEA) funded project, ‘Embedding Employability in English’, which developed placement opportunities for School of English undergraduates in 2012-13. About 25% of students completed e-Portfolios. 


Dates of provision: Since September 2012


Reason for implementation: Employability – there is need to offer students the opportunity for work placements that actually utilise their English Studies degree skills. 


Purpose/s: To support students in developing, reflecting on and evidencing employability skills during placements. 


Learning processes involved: Information handling, presentation, reflection, feedback 


Practice:  Students applied and were interviewed competitively for the placements. Use of Mahara was voluntary for the pilot. Students created their profile and a journal in Mahara in which they reviewed the weekly placement day and could provide examples of  the work they had been involved  in.  There were two meetings with the mentor to discuss their experience and review progress, but they could share and get feedback on their entries from their tutor throughout.  In the future a secret URL may be used to share pages with mentors.


Key staff involved:  
Dr Joanna Robinson  http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/english/people/joanna.robinson
Director of Teaching, English Studies, University of Nottingham.


As Director of Teaching, Jo Robinson focused on developing excellent and innovative practice and research in teaching and learning, with particular focus on assessment and feedback and work related learning in the School of English. Jo has used Mahara in both teaching and learning and extra-curricular contexts, and has presented on the use of Mahara as part of the Embedding Employability in English project at the HEA Arts and Humanities Conference 2012 and the HEA Annual Conference 2013.


Examples/further information:

About the project 'Embedding Employability in English', School of English, University of Nottingham (web)


Contemporary Performance module: School of English, University of Nottingham (page)




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