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Exemplar of use 13 - University of Nottingham

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An overview of use

Medical and Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

e-Portfolio context: The 5 year undergraduate medicine programme at the Medical School, Queens Medical Centre, University of Nottingham. The e-portfolio is populated by the students with achievements, experiences, exam results and their reflections on these and these are discussed in a professional conversation with their personal tutor Portfolio Appraisal Meeting four times a year 


Dates of provision: A pilot using Mahara with 20 out of 150 1st year students and their 10 personal tutors began in September 2012. Reg Dennick who is leading the initiative is one of the personal tutors. From 2013 all of the next cohort of 150 students and 70  personal tutors will be involved.  


Reason for implementation: To provide an effective and efficient digital alternative to the paper based portfolio that underpins the ongoing appraisal meetings through the first half of the five year programme.


Purpose/s: To support progression/ personal development planning (PDP) and meet professional accreditation requirements. To engage medical students in e-portfolio practice which is an ongoing requirement on qualification for continuing accreditation in the profession.  

Learning processes involved: Information handling, reflection, presentation, feedback, planning. 

Current practice
The Portfolio Appraisal Meeting is a pastoral element of the course occurring in the first two and half years. The student meets their tutor twice a semester to present evidence  of their progress that prompts a professional conversation. 
Future plans
Use would extend to cover the whole 5 year programme.

Key staff involved: Reg Dennick


Examples and further information:


e-portfolio use to support progression in the undergraduate medicine programme at the Medical School, Queens Medical Centre, University of Nottingham



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