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Exemplar of use 6 - University of Nottingham

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An overview of use


School of Education, University of Nottingham

e-Portfolio context: 

Dates of provision:
From October 2013

Reason for implementation:  
Initial Teacher Education (teacher training) is a key part of the School of Education’s provision, with over 500 students on our 4 ITE pathways. As there have been recent government changes in the area, it has become increasingly important for us to develop systems of effective collaboration with the 100s of schools with whom we are ‘in partnership’ in providing effective training and education for our students.



Communication and collaboration

To (in the first instance) provide a single point of contact for the mentors, co-ordinators and school leaders in our partnership schools, enabling effective distribution of key information and to develop collaborative working between tutors in the School of Education and mentors, coordinators and school leaders in partnership schools.


ITE students will submit their portfolio of professional professional development (in stages), with input from mentors/coordinators and tutors as they progress.


Learning processes involved: 

 Students creating a record of professional development <what is being developed in Mahara>

Lesson learnt
during the pilot: 


Key staff involved: Caroline Baker, Matthew Nilan




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