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Formative and summative assessment - Charles Crook

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The use of student blogs to support formative feedback and summative assessment on the 1st module of the MA ELT course - Charles Crook


In the 1st module ‘The learning module’ the students keep two blogs, the formative feedback blog and the summative assessment one. Both are driven by formative and summative activities within the course materials. The students create the personal blogs themselves and invite the course tutor. The students are invited to make a response to an activity which may be a question or a reflection covering an issue within the materials. It is not compulsory to provide responses to all the formative activities but for those that are completed the tutor can provide feedback in the blog.


The intention is that this will support students to engage with the materials more thoroughly providing a means of supporting them in developing their thinking progressively through the module across the breadth of topics covered. This is also a way of monitoring their engagement. The students are able to share the formative blog with other students (Some do with realising they have done so!)


In the 1st module they also do some image work, they go and collect some images that relate to the concept under discussion and they keep a personal blog which describes the pictures they chose and why they chose them, then their ideas are shared in a face to face session a shared blog posting is made in Mahara. However they are also encouraged to use other tools for collaboration and sharing – as they need a wide experience of technologies, so they use face-book, twitter, wall wisher etc. There is a need for the students on the course to use a variety of tools so they have experience of them as well as engage with reading about their use in educational contexts.


The formative blog is not assessed but there is opportunity for feedback. The summative blog which reviews their understanding at different points in the module is assessed (20% of the module marks) 80% of the marks is for a traditional essay assignment.



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